Google Street Art Project: More than Graffiti

Icy and Sot mural archived in the Google Street Art Project. Image via Business Insider.
Icy and Sot mural archived in the Google Street Art Project. Image via Business Insider.

Think art can only be found in museums? Think again!

The Google Street Art Project showcases and preserves dynamic outdoor art from around the world.

See the outsider art—much of it illegal—before it disappears.

The Google Street Art Project allows users to:

  • Locate outdoor art in the wild with Google map integration
  • Search by map, artist or collection. (Museums have contributed images too!)
  • Get closer to the art with HD views
  • Spot street art and share it with the Google community

Want to learn more about street art and graffiti? Check out these additional library resources.

Art in the Streets by Jeffrey Deitch
Exit Through the Gift Shop (DVD) Oscar-nominated documentary about Banksy
The world atlas of street art and graffiti by Rafael Schacter

Apps from the Stacks: Planets

planets on phoneWhere’s the big dipper?

Is that the North Star, a planet…or just a plane?

Would love to identify the constellations, but don’t know where to start?

The Planets is an interactive 3D guide to the sky for aspiring astronomers. Hold your mobile device up to the sky and see the map of the stars and planets. As you turn, the map view turns too.

Planets includes a 2D view, 3D view with constellations, visibility times and rotating images of individual planets.

Download Planets and have a tiny planetarium in your pocket!

Free for iOS and Android.

A library without books: BiblioTech

ImageBiblioTech, part of the Bexar County Digital Library, is a library without a book. Instead of print books, BiblioTech provides computers, ereaders, tablets and laptops to patrons.

Located in a low-income neighborhood where Wi-Fi is rare, San Antonio’s, BiblioTech is technology lifeline for patrons.

What does a library without books provide?

  1. 10,000 book titles, all digital, purchased through 3M
  2. 600 e-readers
  3. 48 computer stations
  4. 20 iPads and laptops

The eReaders are pre-loaded with eBooks and are available for checkout. Adult eReaders have 5 titles each, childrens’ readers have 100 titles.

The library also provides more traditional library services like computer classes, meeting spaces, and quiet places to study.

The library is very popular, on track to reach 100,000 visitors in its first year.

Want to read more?

Nursing Education in Video

Nursing Education in Video photoLearn best by seeing? Need a demonstration of a technique to reinforce your textbook learning?

Nursing Education in Video is designed specifically for the education and training of nurses. All of the 290+ videos are regularly reviewed for accuracy, currency, and compliance with federal guidelines.

  1. Stream videos in browser or on mobile device
  2. Embed and share videos with Blackboard or email
  3. Read complete transcripts
  4. Create and share clips
  5. Send to mobile with SMS or QR code


Access the library’s subscription to Nursing Education in Video from this post or from the library’s web site:

  1. From the library’s home page located at click on the More Databases from the Popular Databases menu on left.
  2. When the A-Z Resource List appears, click on the N tab from the alphabetical list of tabs located near the top of the screen.
  3. When the list of databases that begin with N appears, click on Nursing Education in Video link.

Off-Campus: If you access the Nursing Education in Video from this post or from the library’s web site from off campus, you will be prompted with a Virginia’s Community Colleges login screen first. Login with your My JSRCC username and password.

Check out this new addition to the JSRCC Library online collection!

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