Thanks for an amazing year!

Check out the infographic below for some of the biggest highlights of the past year. We would like to thank all of our students, faculty, staff, and community members for making this a memorable year at Reynolds Libraries! Year in Review

World Cup Fever! Watch USA vs. Germany @ DTC and PRC Libraries

Image from FIFA

Students, faculty, staff— join us for the USA vs. Germany game on Thursday, June 26 at 12:00.

Both the Downtown and Parham Road campus libraries will be streaming the match as USA and Germany face off in the final game of Group E.

Games will be shown in the libraries’ instruction room (Downtown 212, Parham 103J.)

Both teams are predicted to move to the next round. USA will move on with either a win or a draw, and CAN move ahead with a loss to Germany if Group E’s Ghana and Portugal also draw. (Quick translation: draw=tie.)

Germany is currently ranked #2 in world by FIFA and have won the World Cup three times.

Want to read more about the beautiful game?

Don’t watch alone—join us for World Cup fever. GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!

Library Services in the Digital Age from Pew Research Center

Pew Internet graphicThe study “Library Services in the Digital Age” from the Pew Internet & American Life Project has just been published. The study asked adults (over the age of 16) about their public library use.

Top uses of the library:

  1. Borrow books
  2. Browse print and media
  3. Get help

Adult’s opinion of public library services:

  • 80% of Americans say borrowing books is a “very important” service of libraries.
  • 80% say reference librarians are a “very important” service of libraries.
  • 77% say free access to computers and the internet is a “very important” service of libraries.
  • 59% stated that comfortable places to read and study were a priority.

The study includes more analysis, including results broken down by education, income, community, etc. The study also includes information about eReaders, web use, and mobile devices.

Want more info? Check out the summary or get all the details with the full report.

Your turn: How do you use your JSRCC library? Do you work in our study rooms, browse the DVD collection or get help with schoolwork? Let us know in the comments!

Information Seeking Behavior of the “Google Generation”

A recent Chronicle of Higher Education article summarizes the findings of a British study conducted by the Joint Information Systems Committee that studied the information seeking habits of those born after 1993.  Some of the key highlights of this report:

  • Young people don’t develop good search strategies to find quality information.
  • They might find information on the Internet quickly, but they don’t know how to evaluate the quality of what they find.
  • They don’t understand what the Internet really is: a vast network with many different content providers.

The report also addresses the implications and challenges for the future role of libraries and librarians.  To review the full report, click here.  Please post your comments and let us know what you think.

Study Reveals How College Students Use the Library & Spend Their Time

A recent Library Journal article, Know Your Students, details the methodology used to conduct an ethnographic study at the University of Rochester’s Rush Rhees Library.  It also provides an overview of the findings from this study and interesting insights into how students use the library and spend their time on campus.  A previous post on our library blog, An Anthropologist in the Library, also cites this same study.

You can also check out the full report, Studying Students: The Undergraduate Research Project at the University of Rochester, from the ACRL (Association of College & Research Libraries).

An Anthropologist in the Library

The Libraries at the University of Rochester hired an anthropologist to conduct a study on how students do their research and spend their time.  An article from today’s Chronicle of Higher Education provides an overview of the study’s eye-opening results.