Copyright and Online Course Material

In this digital age of posting course material on Blackboard, could you be breaking copyright right law and not know it?  In a recent Tech Therapy podcast from the Chronicle of Higher Education, Scott Carlson interviews Bill Shell, Director of Academic Technology and Computing Services at Eastern Michigan University and Warren Arbogast, a technology consultant, about how to make sure professors know their copyrights.  To listen to this podcast, click here

If you are not familiar with any issues related to copyright law and fair use, contact the Reference Desk.  Our librarians are more than happy to explain these issues and answer any questions you may have.  You can also check out our online Copyright Issues guide.

Know Your Copy Rights


This brochure for teaching faculty was developed by the Association of Research Libraries and attorney Peggy Hoon, a well-regarded copyright specialist.  Topics covered include: fair use, the advantage of linking to instead of copying works, and special provisions for displaying or performing works in classes. The brochure also includes a one-page chart that highlights 24 situations when various categories of works can be used.  To access an electronic PDF copy of the brochure, click here

To review other print and electronic resources on copyright issues, check out the library’s online Copyright Issues guide.  For more information on copyright issues, contact the Reference Desk.