Literary Celebration in Virginia- 2009

        On Saturday, October 17, the 12th annual Library of Virginia Literary Awards were hosted by Virginia author, Adriana Trigiani, at the Library of Virginia.  Here are the names of the authors and titles celebrated that evening!  Nonfiction: The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family, by Annette Gordon-Reed. Fiction: Train to Trieste, … Continue reading Literary Celebration in Virginia- 2009

How did you spend your summer vacation?

What do you think about spending it with Abraham Lincoln? Hear the personal story of an outstanding American History teacher in Virginia who did just that- by taking students to visit national monuments to our nation's 16th president. Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birthday! Be sure not to miss the upcoming Around the World … Continue reading How did you spend your summer vacation?

Book Clubs

If you're looking for a forum to discuss your summer reading, or looking for ideas for what to read, Stephen Colbert, of his eponymous Colbert Report on Comedy Central, has started a book club. While not the most, er, scholarly, of book clubs, it should undoubtedly be entertaining. If Colbert Nation isn't really your thing, there … Continue reading Book Clubs

Celebrating literature in Virginia!

 The 11th Annual library of Virginia Literary Awards ceremony took place on Saturday, October 18th. These awards honor both Virginia authors and non-fiction books on a Virginia topic. Awards categories include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and literary lifetime achievement. Also awarded are the People's Choice Awards, cosponsored by the Library of Virginia and the James River Writers … Continue reading Celebrating literature in Virginia!