Library in your Pocket: Go Mobile @ Reynolds Library

Got a cool new tablet and want to know more about how to use it?

Thought about what a mobile device could do for your research—as well as your recreational reading?

Check out our new guide!

Library in your Pocket: Go Mobile @ Reynolds Library

The guide covers

  1. iPad
  2. Kindle Fire
  3. Kindle Paperwhite
  4. Nook HD
  5. Nook Simpletouch

What’s included?

  1. Info about which Reynolds Library eBooks work with your device—and which ones DON’T.
  2. Public library resources to try
  3. Open resources to explore
  4. Apps that enhance your reading experience
  5. Printable PDF for offline reference

Find the guide:

  1. Library home page:
  2. Click on Research Guides tab
  3. In the search box, type eBooks (or Kindle or Nook or iPad)
  4. Find Library in your Pocket: Go Mobile @ Reynolds Library (

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SWANK Digital Campus – Feature Films for Education

What do the following feature and documentary films have in common: Patch Adams? Bowling for Columbine? Wit? 42? They have all been used in the classroom to capture critical concepts and to support key learning outcomes. Unfortunately, using film can also consume classroom time – time needed to cover other essential ideas. Reynolds library seeks to solve that problem by licensing SWANK Digital Campus films.

Swank History Films
Swank History Films

SWANK Digital Campus:

1. Allows the faculty member to select from over twenty thousand feature films, and to…

2. Simply link to that film through one’s Blackboard shell.

So instead of watching the film in class, students can watch the film asynchronously and conveniently: in the Starbucks at 9 at night. More productively, classroom time can be used for discussion in order affirm those essential learning outcomes.

Here’s how to request a SWANK feature film:

1. Start by browsing our Video Library page to determine the various ways to show either streaming or DVD video in your classroom.

foreignfilms 2. If you think that SWANK is a good pedagogical solution, search SWANK catalog. If the film comes up in the catalog, it’s available to be licensed.

3. Then just fill out this Reynolds form requesting the film that you would like to show through Blackboard. (You should get an email confirmation from a Reynolds’ librarian within two business days.)

4. It takes up to two weeks, for SWANK to generate a film portal for your requested film, so plan early. After approximately two weeks, you’ll receive a website address/url from a Reynolds’ librarian. Simply post that web address to your students in your Blackboard shell.

Here are some final important aspects regarding SWANK Digital Campus:

1. Though free, all films require the user to download the software Microsoft SilverLight. The Reynolds’ libraries will have this software available in the library, but students must download the software on their own personal PC’s.

2. Currently, Reynolds Libraries will be licensing films one semester at a time; that means after the semester ends, access to the film ends. If you would like the library to license the film for a longer period of time, please indicate that need in the DVD or Streaming Media Request Form.

3. Although SWANK Digital Campus provides access to over 20 thousand films, Reynolds libraries only license the films that faculty plan to use with their students.

So, if you use a feature film in the classroom, consider “flipping” the scenario by using SWANK Digital Campus. Take the film outside of the classroom, in order to invite more learning (and time) in!

NEW: Ebook Library / EBL

What is Ebook Library (EBL)?

Ebook Library (EBL) is the newest resource from our VIVA membership (Virtual Library of Virginia). JSRCC  partners together Virginia’s public (and some private) institutions for more purchasing power. This new collection model, called “demand‐driven acquisitions,” allows patrons to choose what books are purchased.

More about the pilot program for EBL.

What does EBL provide?

Alice in Wonderland sample page from EBL
Alice in Wonderland sample page from Ebook Library

Over 2200 ebooks from premier publishers including John Wiley & Sons, Oxford University Press, Jossey‐Bass,McGraw‐Hill and Wiley.

Titles selected in science, technology, engineering, math and health (the STEM-H fields.)

How can I read these titles?

The EBL collection is flexible. Users can choose to:

  1. View and read in browser on computer
  2. Download for later and view/transfer to mobile device using Adobe Digital Editions.
  3. Read on iPad, iPhone and Droid using Bluefire Reader


From the library’s home page located at click on the More Databases from the Popular Databases menu on left.

  1. When the A-Z Resource List appears, click on the E tab from the alphabetical list of tabs located near the top of the screen.
  2. When the list of databases that begin with E appears, click on Ebook Library (EBL) link.
  3. Choose J. Sargeant Reynolds from the institution list and press GO.
  4. Log in with your MyJSRCC id and password (both on and off-campus users will need to log in.)
  5. Begin browsing!

Questions? Contact us!

Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey (A Downton Abbey Parody)

Need a Downton Abbey fix before Season 4 debuts in 2014? Try Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey (A Downton Abbey Parody).

agent gates

At Devonton Abbey, the Granville Family enjoys a life of wealth and privilege.

But not all is as it seems! Gates,  Mrs. Kewes, Larson and The Dowager are all secret agents…and Devonton is in jeopardy!

All of the dramatic tension from the Downton Abbey series, like…

  1. Will the telegram reach Lord Granville…unIRONED?
  2. Will Sweetsy the Pekingese produce the long-awaited a male heir to Devonton?
  3. Will the snuffbox collection go UNPOLISHED?

The drama is unending…


  1. Cry with laughter at the Dowager’s scathing wit!
  2. See Gates thwart evil with his steampunk-style titanium leg!
  3. Watch as O’Malley smokes another cigarette!

Don’t let the graphic novel/sequential art/comic book format fool you—this is seriously funny stuff!  Fans of the Downton Abbey series will love this quick and humorous read.

Find Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey at PRC Library – or request it be sent to your campus!

New trial database: Testing and Education Reference Center

The Testing and Education Reference Center from Gale is a start-to-finish resource with all the information and support materials needed to make informed, confident decisions to shape the rest of your life.

  1. Over 300 practice tests and courses
  2. Dozens of ebooks containing valuable study material and practice tests
  3. Resume builder with over 1,000 brainstorming phrases to get you started
  4. Career modules covering subjects from career change to salary negotiation

Test preparation materials include:

Study Time by atconc on Flickr used under a Creative Commons License
Study Time by atconc on Flickr used under a Creative Commons License
  1. ASVAB
  2. CLEP
  3. GED
  4. MCAT
  5. Miller Analogies (MAT)
  6. NCLEX
  8. SAT
  9. TOEFL…and MORE!

Click the link to try the Testing and Education Reference Center; then vote below.

Note: trial is available on-campus only.

New subscription: The Teaching Professor

New semester, new inspiration!The Teaching Professor

Want to know how better to reach your students? The JSRCC Library now has an online subscription to The Teaching Professor, an acclaimed newsletter devoted to the art and science of better teaching.

Subjects include:  

  1. Student-centered learning
  2. Mentoring new and adjunct faculty
  3. Overcoming student apathy
  4. Energizing and re-inspiring experienced faculty
  5. Integrating new technology
  6. Responding to course evaluations and feedback

Articles in the current issue include:

  1. Student Engagement: Does It Always Improve Learning?
  2.  Texting: Extent, Attitudes, Other Interesting Information
  3. A Grade Forecasting Strategy

Our new online subscription includes the newsletter published 10 times a year, plus online access to the last 10 years of issues.


Access the library’s subscription to The Teaching Professor from this post or from the library’s web site:

  1. From the library’s home page located at click on the More Databases from the Popular Databases menu on left.
  2. When the A-Z Resource List appears, click on the T tab from the alphabetical list of tabs located near the top of the screen.
  3. When the list of databases that begin with T appears, click on The Teaching Professor link.

Off-Campus: If you access the The Teaching Professor from this post or from the library’s web site from off campus, you will be prompted with a Virginia’s Community Colleges login screen first. Login with your My JSRCC username and password.

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Oxford Reference: Answers with Authority

Sometime you need a straightforward, short answer to a question…and you need it to be CORRECT!

Wikipedia is great for information on pop culture (think Doctor Who) but not so great for your papers and projects. For school, you need a scholarly source, but one that gives an outline of the subject.

Add Oxford Reference to your toolbox!

Oxford Reference includes:

  • Oxford Quick Reference. Quickly check a fact, or find out key information about a concept, person, or term. These dictionaries cover the humanities, the sciences, health and more!
  • Oxford Reference Library. Research a term, concept, or person in-depth with articles and essays. These encyclopedia entries give overviews, great for the beginning stages of your research.

Try Oxford Reference, a source you can trust.

New STEM-H eBooks @ JSR Libraries

Through the the Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA), JSRCC libraries now offer two new STEM-H eBook databases.  These subject-based e-book collections provide extensive, current resources in the STEM-H related fields, and support STEM-H curricula at the college.

Springer eBooks

Springer eBooks offer high quality Springer print book publications in a digital format. This collection covers Behavioral Science, Biomedical and Life Science, Computer Science, and Earth and Environmental Science. This purchase adds over 2,000 titles published in 2013 to JSRCC’s digital collection.

SciVerse Science Direct eBooks

SciVerse ScienceDirect eBooks includes nearly 700 titles from Elsevier’s most current 2013 collection. Elsevier is a world-leading provider of scientific, technical, and medical information products and services. This collection includes titles from Physical Sciences, Engineering, Life and Health Sciences.

Both collections can be access through the library’s catalog, or directly through the vendors’ site listed on the library’s database pages.

Databases A-Z

Databases by subject

Take a look at the Parham Road Graphics Collection!

From Journey into Mohawk Country by H.M. van den Bogeart; Artwork by George O’Conner
From Journey into Mohawk Country by H.M. van den Bogeart; Artwork by George O’Conner

A small but growing collection is  waiting to be viewed by you.  From the trend-setting, award-winning MAUS to our new Gone to Amerika by Derek McCulloch, the drawn characters are sitting just inside of the library’s entrance doors, poised in anticipation of their visit with you.


Select  a book from the shelf and sit down in a comfy chair to peruse it, or check it out and take it home!