Gordon Parks – 100 years

Gordon Parks Photographer~Novelist~Poet~Film Director~Musician
Gordon Parks
Photographer~Novelist~Poet~Film Director~Musician

Gordon Parks was an African-American photographer, filmmaker and author, best known as a Life photographer and as the director of the hit movie Shaft.

Visit the J. Sargeant Reynolds Library lobbies to see this new display.  (DTC Library display pictured above and below.)

Click here to find out more about his life.

Click here to see more of his amazing pictures.

More of the display with some of his photographs and books including this 1952 article in Life Magazine.



Alternative Medicine display at the Downtown Campus

alternative medicine display
The Multicultural Committee put up this display on alternative medicine. They concentrated on acupuncture, herbal remedies, pilates and yoga. We used Wordle.net for help in creating the background.

Behind every movie is a great story

It is amazing how many popular movies start out as books.  The display at the downtown campus highlights the books and their cinematic versions that are owned by J. Sargeant Reynolds downtown library.  A list of movies based on books is the background for the display.  Please stop by any of the JSRCC libraries to rent either the book or the movie or maybe even both!  See if you can spot the differences between the original story and the movie.


Caution! Banned Books

banned0721.jpgIn recognition of Banned Books Week, we have put up this display at the Downtown Campus Library. These books have not been banned at the JSRCC libraries. Celebrate your freedom to read by checking one out from the library.

Here is a list of the books that are in the display. They will be available for checkout in January. In the meantime, many of them can be found at the Parham Campus Library.

Here are some websites that give reasons for titles being challenged or banned.