A Program about The Children Act? Why?

“Just to be clear, Adam. You do realize that it’s for me alone to decide what’s in your best interests. If I were to rule that the hospital may legally transfuse you against your wishes, what will you think?” He was sitting up, breathing hard, and seemed to sag a little at the question, but he … Continue reading A Program about The Children Act? Why?

Community College Times goes online only

The Community College Times, a bimonthly newspaper published by the American Association of Community Colleges, is ceasing its print edition and moving to a freely available online-only format (http://www.communitycollegetimes.com) As a printed product it has been, frankly, ignorable on the library's shelf, but the web version is dynamic and interesting--if you're into community colleges. Check out … Continue reading Community College Times goes online only

More holiday safety

Holiday shopping is crazy enough without getting caught by traffic accidents. This link:  http://eservices.ci.richmond.va.us/applications/traffic/trafficpage/TrafficPage.aspx  shows real-time accident and hazard information for Henrico and Chesterfield counties as well as Richmond itself. Another tip from the Richmond Police: "The single biggest problem right now is people leaving stuff in their cars.  GPS devices, presents, purses, etc that are … Continue reading More holiday safety