New Pay-for-Print System

Equitrac Pay Station

Starting Monday, June 13, the libraries and academic computing centers on all three campuses will be rolling out a pay-for-print system.

Everyone wishing to print from the computers and make copies must first purchase a reusable printing card from the Equitrac Pay Station for $1, and then load anywhere from $1 to $10 onto the card. Be sure to keep your card in a safe place, away from your cell phone! The machines only take $1 and $5 bills, and cannot make change, so please come prepared!

Prices for black and white prints have been lowered to $.05 a side, and you will have the option to print in color for $.20 a side in the library.

Of course staff will be happy to help you figure out the process as you need it, but for more details and answers to frequently asked questions, please see the post on the Reynolds website:


Lincoln, Spielberg and Richmond, oh my!

Team of RivalsNBC12 News is reporting that Governor McDonnell announced that starting this Fall, Steven Spielberg will be in Richmond and the surrounding area to film “Team of Rivals”, based on the book about Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field, this is sure to be a fantastic movie. Since they’re starting filming in the Fall, you have plenty of time to check out “Team of Rivals” from our library. It’s a hefty book at over 750 pages, but for those interested in The Civil War and Lincoln’s political strategies, it’s sure to be an excellent read.

You might also be interested in seeing the author talk about her book with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show in 2005

Earth Week at JSRCC

PRC Go Green Display
PRC Go Green Display

This week, April 18-21, J. Sargeant Reynolds is celebrating Earth Week! We’re kicking off a new recycling program with pep rallies on Thursday. For more information, see the Green Initiatives page on the JSRCC website.

In addition, check out our Go Green Libguide for books on environmental sustainability as well as some tips to save money and trees! Parham Road Campus also has several “Go Green” themed books on display – all are available for check-out, just ask a librarian.

Feel free to add your own “Go Green” tips to our libguide or the comments below.  We’d love to hear from you!

What makes the Superbowl so Super? And other questions

This Sunday, countless number of American football fans will gather to watch the big game (or at least the commercials). Amid the chili and chips, you might have that friend or cousin who asks “So, wait, what’s a down? And why don’t the refs just look at where the little yellow line on the screen is ? It’d be SO much easier than using that weird chain and flag thing.” (Or, if you’re like me, you maybe ARE that friend). Luckily for you, there are tons of internet sites that explain football in relatively easy to understand terms. Feel free to pass this along to your friends and family, or keep it up on your laptop so when someone asks “What’s a gridiron? Is it like a waffle iron?” you can just direct them to your laptop and enjoy your game in (relative) peace.

The Basics of Football

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg for football resources online – but it should help any of you who might need a bit of a refresher before Sunday. Or, you could just skip it all and watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

Library Workshops

We’ve updated our workshop schedule for the Spring Semester! They range from “Research the Smart Way” which will help you get started using library services for research to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint basics. As always, our workshops are free and open to students, faculty and staff. Check with your professors to see if you get extra credit for attending!

If you use Google Calendar or iCal, you can subscribe to our events calendar:

For Google Calendar users, open our calendar and select the +Google Calendar button Google Calendar Buttonon the bottom right hand of the screen. For iCal users, copy and paste this link into any calendar program that supports iCal:

Updated: Exam Week Hours

Because of the snow closings, final exams scheduled for December 16 will be held on Monday, December 20 and final exams scheduled for December 17 will be held on Tuesday, December 21.

Downtown and Parham Road libraries will be open until 9 tonight (Monday the 20th) to accommodate the change in schedule. As always, any changes to our schedule will be posted on our calendar. Good luck with your exams, and have a safe and happy winter break!

Book Christmas Tree
Gleeson Library (San Francisco) Book Christmas Tree

Happy Halloween

James Earl Jones reading Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”

With Halloween just a week away, what better time than now to check out some spooky stories from the library? We have great collections (both print, electronic, and audio books) from authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and Steven King to books that inspired cult movies, such as The Exorcist.  We also have some classic horror movies you

can check out, including Poltergeist and Shaun of the Dead.

Not into reading or watching scary stuff? You could always investigate the origins of the Halloween holiday.

Halloween 2006; image from modern_artifacts's Flickr photostream


No matter how you celebrate – be sure to stay safe! Looking for safety tips? NBC 12 has some suggestions.