Use your iPhone or iPod to find articles & books

Access online articles and books from anywhere using EBSCOhost’s mobile access technology.

Using your iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, or other mobile device, EBSCOhost’s mobile access technology allows you to:

  • Search for articles and books.
  • Retrieve and view full text articles and books.
  • E-mail results to yourself.

To get the free EBSCO app for you iPhone or iPod:

  1. Login to any EBSCOhost database.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the link, EBSCOhost iPhone/iPod Touch Application.
  3. Follow the instructions to get the app download link and your authentication key emailed to you from
  4. From your mobile device, access the email and click the link found in the email to authenticate the application.

Note: You have 24 hours to access the key from your device to authenticate the app.

For more information on the mobile devices that are supported as well as the many features available, check out the following web pages:

Or ask the Reference Desk for assistance.

For Faculty – Library Resources & Services in a Nutshell

Want to learn about our library liaison program, how to request library instruction, reserve materials, use our online and print collections, recommend a purchase, and more?  Register online for our workshop, JSRCC Library Resources & Services for Faculty in a Nutshell, being offered the beginning of the Spring semester on the following dates:

  • Wed, Jan 5th / 2-3pm / PRC, Massey LTC, Library 103J
  • Fri, Jan 7th / 10-11am / PRC, Massey LTC, Library 103J
  • Mon, Jan 10th / 6-7pm / PRC, Massey LTC, Library 103J

You can also check out our online Faculty Services for JSRCC Library LibGuide.

For more information on this workshop, contact Denise Woetzel  (email: -or- call X5329).

Print books, ebooks, and audio books make great holiday gifts


Not sure what to get a family member or friend this Christmas?  Books, in any format, make great gifts for the holidays or any occasion. For family & friends who own ebook reading devices, consider purchasing ebooks.  And don’t forget audio books for those who prefer listening to books. For more gift ideas, check out these sites:

Things to do in Richmond this Holiday Season

If you are planning on staying in the Richmond area this holiday season, check out’s 2010 Holiday Guide for a plethora of things to see and do including:

New guide for Book Lovers

Do you love reading?  Check out our newest libguide, For Book Lovers. This guide covers a wide range of resources for finding books to read for pleasure as well as connecting with other book lovers.  It includes information and links on: print & audio books at JSRCC Library, social networking web sites for book lovers, finding books at area libraries, book clubs and talks, bestseller lists and award winners.

Study reveals why we find other people’s cell phone conversations annoying

You may want to think twice before using your cell phone in the library,  computer lab, or classroom.  A series of experiments conducted at Cornell University found that college students made more errors when completing tasks when listening to one-sided conversations (cell phones) when compared to two-sided conversations. Lead study author, Lauren Emberson, explains “Much of how humans process language is based on the brain’s ability to predict, or anticipate, what comes next in a sentence. One-sided conversations make it more difficult for the brain to make these predictions, so listening is more distracting.” Emberson’s research will appear in an upcoming issue of the journal, Psychological Science. To read more about this study, click here.  In light of this research, please be considerate of others and make every effort to turn off your cell phone while in public places.  Your fellow students will appreciate you for following JSRCC’s Learning Environment Principles.

Summer semester library workshops

During the Summer semester, the library will be offering several Research the Smart Way workshops at each campus.  The online registration form is located at: – OR – from the library’s home page, click on Workshops from the menu on the right.

Our latest research guides

Check out the library’s lastest research guides:

To review our other guides, go to the main LibGuides page located at:  These guides serve as an excellent starting point for research assignments and will save you much time and frustration in finding appropriate and credible resources for upcoming research papers and other projects. 

For teaching faculty: Our librarians are more than happy to work with you to create customized course or subject guides tailored to specific research assignments or topics covered in your classes. These guides can be linked from your Blackboard course sites.  If you would like to discuss this option further with a librarian, call 523-3333 (Downtown Campus) or 523-5325 (Parham Campus).