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Research and Relax at Reynolds Library for Black History Month!

Click here to sample one of literally thousands of streaming videos for research AND relaxation during Black History Month…and beyond!

Baraka’s Tribute to His African Heritage


In this clip from the library’s subscription database, Films On Demand, African-American writer, Amiri Baraka, uses his poetry to “teach, analyze, point out” . . . in this case, about the value of questioning as the path to wisdom, per his contemporary, James Baldwin.

Also, check out a sampling of our other resources on Black history available in a wide variety of formats including:

  • articles
  • audio broadcasts
  • books (print books as well as eBooks)
  • DVDs
  • images

When searching the library’s catalog or searching the library’s many databases, enter the name of the specific African American person or event in history that you are interested in. For a more general search, try terms such as “african american history” or “black history.”

All of these resources are available through Reynolds Library home page–to explore the words, the faces, the sounds, the art–the rich variety of black history in America.