Building Reynolds Textbook Bank – a Holiday Gift to Reynolds Students!

The ever increasing booktreecost of textbooks is making education more and more prohibitive to students.  Many of our students are using financial aid to pay for textbooks or attempt to complete a class without purchasing a textbook.

Textbooks are the #1 demanded books at Reynolds Libraries!

Reynolds Libraries are undertaking a Reynolds Textbook Bank project – that is to collect at least one copy of textbooks for each campus at which every course is taught and allow Reynolds students to check them out for a limited time.

As Dr. Pando has championed, we shall seek every opportunity to provide the resources to support our economically disadvantaged students.  We believe the Textbook Bank project, along with Reynolds OER initiative, will play a big role in making education more affordable to Reynolds students!

We count on faculty members to build the Reynolds Textbook Bank with us.  Before you head off for a joyful holiday season, please bring a copy of you textbooks to Reynolds Libraries for spring 2019.   This will be your holiday gift to Reynolds students!

We thank you on behalf of Reynolds students for making education more affordable to them.   Feel free to contact Hong Wu (, x5324) if you have any questions!.

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