New semester, new computers @ Reynolds Library

Not an actual library computer
Not an actual Reynolds Library computer. Promise.

All three Reynolds Campus Libraries installed new computers this summer!

Features include:

  1. Touchscreen—mouse optional
  2. Large 19 inch monitor—bigger work space
  3. All in one units—more space on the desk for YOUR gear
  4. Blistering fast processor—get schoolwork done in record time

All of our workstations still have the tools students need for their research and projects, including

  1. Office 2013
  2. B&W and color printing from every station
  3. Multiple browsers—Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
  4. Access to expert help from tech specialists and librarians

Feel free to drop by the Downtown, Goochland or Parham Campus Libraries and test drive any of the new machines for yourself.

Image “my lovely new TRS-80 Model 4” from Blake Patterson on Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons License.

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Coordinator of Library Services, Parham Road Campus

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