A Fond Farewell to Lil Williams

lilWe bid a fond farewell to Dr. Lil Williams, who retired from the position of the Coordinator of Downtown Campus Library last month.  Lil joined Reynolds as a reference librarian in January. 1978.  Before that, Lil was a rotating librarian for the Henrico County Public Library.  Shortly after she joined Reynolds, Lil was promoted to the position of the Coordinator of the Downtown Campus library.  During her 36 years with Reynolds, Lil participated and took leadership in three phases of the DTC Library renovation.  She and the DTC library staff began at the old furniture store on Grace Street.  They then moved themselves box by box to the current building in the early 80s.   After that, Lil took leadership in two more renovations, including the most recent one that took place last year.  Lil is a veteran librarian who went from serving patrons out of boxes to checking out ebooks from the cloud.  Along the way, she earned her Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from the College of William and Mary in 2000.  We thank Lil for sharing 36 years of her life with us.  We are grateful for her inspiration.  For those who missed the lovely dinner reception for Lil, you are welcome to check out our photo album at http://flickr.com/gp/92485158@N02/9u87tS/.

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