Local Library Celebrates Banned Books Week

The Twin Hickory Public Library in Glen Allen has a unique display in honor of Banned Books Week. They have people volunteer to silently read banned and challenged books in the display window.  As one librarian noted, “So far it’s gotten a lot of attention – we hear a lot of ‘Mom, what are those people doing in there?’ The best part has been hearing parents explain to their kids what the display is all about which is exactly what we wanted to happen!”

Though the display only runs through tomorrow, the 11th (edited 10/3) if you are 14 years of age or older, and would like to volunteer, please contact Twin Hickory library at 364-1400 x5.

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Digital Services and Reference Librarian at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.

3 thoughts on “Local Library Celebrates Banned Books Week”

  1. Hi JSRCC Library –
    Thanks so much for promoting our Banned Book Week(s) program at Twin Hickory Library! We did want to correct one thing though, we are keeping the “display” up through October 11th. So, we do still have open spots for volunteer readers. Thanks!


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